Hello everybody,

I am writing this blog at the request of my partners.

You can follow me through the  whole of my adventure thanks to this blog.

First I am going to introduce myself and secondly in the first two articles I am going to introduce my project. Then in the following articles I will tell you about my experiences.


My name is Quentin, but my friends call me « Blondie  / le Blond ».
I am originally from Croix (59)  but I feel I belong more in Charente or the Poitevin area – I used to live in Nantes (44) and now live in Angouleme (16).  I am currently a student in Bordeaux (33) – I did Science A-levels and am now a student at Engineering School: Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Arts & Métiers (ENSAM). My major are mecanical and production management.

I am a calm person, very curious about the world around me and I like to help my friends.

I love flying. I started flying quite young – I was 15 – at the Bris-Champniers Club in Angouleme.  I am really grateful to my parents who allowed me to begin.
To date I have logged more than 330 flight hours and I have a clearance to ‘fly by night’;  I also have a qualification to use a taildragger aircraft (a plane with a tail wheel as opposed to a nose wheel) and I have an experience in aerobatic. My qualification is for sooner.

I am really passionate about flying, but just taking part in this activity is not enough.  To really be involved it is important to share the experience; this leads to a far higher level of satisfaction.  The greatest pleasure comes from sharing your passion with others!

« The pleasure is not the practice the passion but in share it ! »_Quentin PEYRANI

I want to become a flying instructor because I want to share this sensation and the pleasure you can get from it. What is better than to be in a position to  share and to communicate one’s passion?
However, I will not become a flying instructor for a long time yet.  Meanwhile I can continue to learn about aviation and to share it through the TAJP.

Now, you know why I want to participate this adventure.
Now you know why I want to participate in this adventure. Along the way I will be supported by aéroclub d’Angoulême, USSEA Schneider Electric, l’UTBM….    some local communities and other partners.