An amazing escuse for an amazing flight – Part I

Perhaps you have read my previous articles… maybe not. If you have done, you certainly speak French. In that case, maybe those two sentences in English are too much and you will stop now… It is pity. You are going to miss a beautiful story full of stress and surprises.

If now we have a look on my logbook, we can see I have flown more than the French pilot average… without being in France. How that is possible???

An Idea From China

All started from an invitation received in Shanghai. A wedding invitation. My friends gave me an invitation for attending their wedding…. In France.

If you have read my previous articles, you noticed I have been in several parts of France by plane… excepting the north East. It is very far. The wedding will take place in Strasbourg! What better opportunity is to fly over there?

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Crossing the river Channel with a private plane: DONE

I am back!!

Long time, no see… The story I am writing took place 1 year ago. It was in the summer 2016. I am now in China and a lot of things happened to me, so I haven’t taken the time to write and to make the video about.


0 crewinflight

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Two pilots lost in the south of France


Yes, I know! The article about my last trip in England hasn’t been published yet! And the video neither. So, why am I starting to write an article about my last trip in the south of France ??? EASY, because, I have already started to write the article about England trip… but after several months, I forgot the most part of details.

Flying is a passion. We could have two ways to fly: the first one is to go to another place. The second one is to fly just to fly. In a first way, flying alone or not is not a big deal. At that instance, it is just flying such as you would drive to your mother-in-law place. Of course, because you like flying, you enjoy that instance. But the motivation of this flight is after the flight: your mother-in-law place. In the second case, you want to fly just for flying. It is not necessary to fly into another place. The motivation of this flight… is this flight itself. Maybe sometimes you want to fly alone, but in this kind of flight, you just would rather share this hobby! So, on Monday, 6th I sent a message to all members of my flight club. I got an answer :).

Thursday, 10th: our choice

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Video Without Title – 2015 flights resume


New video. My flights in 2015 :). Within:
– Cannes / Calvi / Propriano / Montpellier-Candillargues / Belle Ile / Ile d’Yeu / Aerobatic flight / Switzerland

This video can be attached with the articles:

Amerrissage en Méditerranée

Rencontre en Suisse

Une nouvelle Peyranaïade

Un pilote qui se barre en plein vol

Amerrissage en Méditerranée – le retour


Cette galerie contient 15 photos.

Nous nous levons tranquillement. Une nouvelle journée commence: c’est l’heure du départ! A part quelques passages où j’ai pu dormir grâce à mon pilote automatique humain, rien d’extraordinaire ne s’est passé. C’est pourquoi, cet article se contentera uniquement de vous … Lire la suite

Amerrissage en Méditerranée – On aime le poisson

Après un repos bien mérité; je parle évidemment pour l’avion, nous c’est une autre histoire, l’heure est arrivée de faire faire un petit tour d’avion sur la côte à des amis.

VM? Vous êtes perdu?

Cap d'Antibes

Quai du large

Lundi 17 août, 10H30…

« […] Rappelons Alpha 2, Victor Mike »

Contact radio établi et clairance donnée; nous roulons au point d’arrêt Alpha 2 -point d’attente avant d’intégrer la piste et décoller Ndlr-.

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