Crossing the river Channel with a private plane: DONE

I am back!!

Long time, no see… The story I am writing took place 1 year ago. It was in the summer 2016. I am now in China and a lot of things happened to me, so I haven’t taken the time to write and to make the video about.


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A quiet Year


An accident

I haven’t forgotten to write my article about my last trip to England. Yet, I am still waiting for a software to make the video.

This year has really been quiet. Only 7h30 flight hours :(. My WORST year I haven’t ever done. But that can be explained by my accident. Let’s remember, I broke my leg on March, 19th. I haven’t been able to move for 2 months and impossible to fly for 5 months. This accident made several flights cancel!

‘But traveling’

Therefore, I did not fly in the peak period and finally, I decided to travel. I have been in England, Ukraine, Scotland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The next 2 years will be the same. It will be really difficult for me to fly… in France. I found a job in China. Yet, I could have the opportunity to fly in Thailand or in the Philippines. So maybe, I will be able to write a beautiful article about this experience with amazing pictures and videos.

‘Learning to prepare a flight navigation’

Meanwhile, I do this experience, I have noticed some people are really in love with flying. They are not pilots but they use Fight Simulator. I have to admit, this game is really really realistic in all matter in navigation. I gave to my friend my old aeronautical maps, and because I also teach to young students some basics in aeronautics like how navigating, how a plane is flying and etc… To help this friend and the others ones that they would like to play in flight simulator with a realistic context (without GPS for example), I will write an article about « how navigating: from the idea to navigate to arrive at the destination place, including how preparing the navigation with an aeronautical map ». During my pilot training, I used FS to learn and improve my skill in navigating. So I will write some articles, maybe 3 to explain how preparing a true navigation… to use with FS.

Video Without Title – 2015 flights resume


New video. My flights in 2015 :). Within:
– Cannes / Calvi / Propriano / Montpellier-Candillargues / Belle Ile / Ile d’Yeu / Aerobatic flight / Switzerland

This video can be attached with the articles:

Amerrissage en Méditerranée

Rencontre en Suisse

Une nouvelle Peyranaïade

Un pilote qui se barre en plein vol

Un défi, 3 heures de vol et deux rencontres…



Souvenez-vous, en 2011, je suis allé à Cannes en avion. Ce fut une expérience, une aventure très enrichissante et vraiment superbe. Depuis ce jour, je suis dans les starting-blocks pour la renouveler!! J’ai d’ailleurs rêvé d’y être allé dans >>cet article<<. Mais il me faut du temps, de bonnes conditions météorologiques, de l’argent et un avion de disponible.

Starting Bloc

Starting Block

Résumons la situation avec ce petit dessin: le caillou en rouge représentant toutes les contraintes m’empêchant de faire ce voyage, autrement dit: temps, météo, argent, disponibilité avion…

Quand vais-je pouvoir y aller? Quand vais-je surmonter ces contraintes? Ou quand vais-je les oublier? Plus tôt que je ne le pense!

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