Two pilots lost in the south of France


Yes, I know! The article about my last trip in England hasn’t been published yet! And the video neither. So, why am I starting to write an article about my last trip in the south of France ??? EASY, because, I have already started to write the article about England trip… but after several months, I forgot the most part of details.

Flying is a passion. We could have two ways to fly: the first one is to go to another place. The second one is to fly just to fly. In a first way, flying alone or not is not a big deal. At that instance, it is just flying such as you would drive to your mother-in-law place. Of course, because you like flying, you enjoy that instance. But the motivation of this flight is after the flight: your mother-in-law place. In the second case, you want to fly just for flying. It is not necessary to fly into another place. The motivation of this flight… is this flight itself. Maybe sometimes you want to fly alone, but in this kind of flight, you just would rather share this hobby! So, on Monday, 6th I sent a message to all members of my flight club. I got an answer :).

Thursday, 10th: our choice

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The world is really small…


 Yes, I am at 00:27 with my friend :D.

From November, I have been in Taiwan for 2 months. With my friend, I visited Taipei and several places in the countryside and in the south of Taiwan. At that instance, I noticed a few Korean people was making a movie with a drone. I took a picture that guys. In myself, I thought I will see their video one day.

YES! In January, my sister sent me a message to tell me: « Oh, with your drone, see what you could do ». YES, « Could » because actually, my drone is crashed in the sea ^^. Yet, I will buy a new one soon. In the first images of this video, I said: « Oh my god, I know these guys. I am sure that I am on that video !!! ».

My video from my drone will be made when I have the good software. Exactly the same problem with the video about my England trip :p.

A quiet Year


An accident

I haven’t forgotten to write my article about my last trip to England. Yet, I am still waiting for a software to make the video.

This year has really been quiet. Only 7h30 flight hours :(. My WORST year I haven’t ever done. But that can be explained by my accident. Let’s remember, I broke my leg on March, 19th. I haven’t been able to move for 2 months and impossible to fly for 5 months. This accident made several flights cancel!

‘But traveling’

Therefore, I did not fly in the peak period and finally, I decided to travel. I have been in England, Ukraine, Scotland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The next 2 years will be the same. It will be really difficult for me to fly… in France. I found a job in China. Yet, I could have the opportunity to fly in Thailand or in the Philippines. So maybe, I will be able to write a beautiful article about this experience with amazing pictures and videos.

‘Learning to prepare a flight navigation’

Meanwhile, I do this experience, I have noticed some people are really in love with flying. They are not pilots but they use Fight Simulator. I have to admit, this game is really really realistic in all matter in navigation. I gave to my friend my old aeronautical maps, and because I also teach to young students some basics in aeronautics like how navigating, how a plane is flying and etc… To help this friend and the others ones that they would like to play in flight simulator with a realistic context (without GPS for example), I will write an article about « how navigating: from the idea to navigate to arrive at the destination place, including how preparing the navigation with an aeronautical map ». During my pilot training, I used FS to learn and improve my skill in navigating. So I will write some articles, maybe 3 to explain how preparing a true navigation… to use with FS.

Job Context

Humeur du moment

Je viens de finir mes études d’ingénieur. Je suis maintenant à la recherche d’un VIE pour acquérir une première expérience à l’internationale. Si vous avez des opportunités ou des conseils, contacter moi.

Mon CV en ligne / My resume online

I have just finished my studies as Mechanical Engineer. I am looking for a first job abroad. If ever you have any informations or advices… Contact me.

Video Without Title – 2015 flights resume


New video. My flights in 2015 :). Within:
– Cannes / Calvi / Propriano / Montpellier-Candillargues / Belle Ile / Ile d’Yeu / Aerobatic flight / Switzerland

This video can be attached with the articles:

Amerrissage en Méditerranée

Rencontre en Suisse

Une nouvelle Peyranaïade

Un pilote qui se barre en plein vol

A challenge, 3 hours of flight, two meeting…


Do you remember in 2011 I went to Cannes by plane? It was an enriching experience and a really awesome one. Since that day, I went in the “starting-blocks” to live it again!! By the way I dreamt of having been there in “this article” but I need time, good weather conditions, money and a plane.


Starting Bloc

Starting Block

Let’s summarize the situation with this little drawing: the red stone represents all the challenges that retrains me to do this trip: ie: time, weather, money, and an available plane…

When will I be able to go? When will I be able to overcome the challenges? Where will I forget them? Sooner than I think!

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Hello everybody,

I am writing this blog at the request of my partners.

You can follow me through the  whole of my adventure thanks to this blog.

First I am going to introduce myself and secondly in the first two articles I am going to introduce my project. Then in the following articles I will tell you about my experiences.


My name is Quentin, but my friends call me « Blondie  / le Blond ».
I am originally from Croix (59)  but I feel I belong more in Charente or the Poitevin area – I used to live in Nantes (44) and now live in Angouleme (16).  I am currently a student in Bordeaux (33) – I did Science A-levels and am now a student at Engineering School: Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Arts & Métiers (ENSAM). My major are mecanical and production management.

I am a calm person, very curious about the world around me and I like to help my friends.

I love flying. I started flying quite young – I was 15 – at the Bris-Champniers Club in Angouleme.  I am really grateful to my parents who allowed me to begin.
To date I have logged more than 330 flight hours and I have a clearance to ‘fly by night’;  I also have a qualification to use a taildragger aircraft (a plane with a tail wheel as opposed to a nose wheel) and I have an experience in aerobatic. My qualification is for sooner.

I am really passionate about flying, but just taking part in this activity is not enough.  To really be involved it is important to share the experience; this leads to a far higher level of satisfaction.  The greatest pleasure comes from sharing your passion with others!

« The pleasure is not the practice the passion but in share it ! »_Quentin PEYRANI

I want to become a flying instructor because I want to share this sensation and the pleasure you can get from it. What is better than to be in a position to  share and to communicate one’s passion?
However, I will not become a flying instructor for a long time yet.  Meanwhile I can continue to learn about aviation and to share it through the TAJP.

Now, you know why I want to participate this adventure.
Now you know why I want to participate in this adventure. Along the way I will be supported by aéroclub d’Angoulême, USSEA Schneider Electric, l’UTBM….    some local communities and other partners.